Dicom Widow (WIndows Dicom Open vieWer) is a open source viewer for DICOM medical images, written in Delphi by Paolo Corsini, Enrico Zenucchi and Silvia Suardi as Bachelor Degree Thesis in "UniversitÓ degli Studi di Brescia" University.
Part of the project was developed during a stage near Teinos srl company and remaining part during a stage near ATS srl company.
The viewer was initially based on a program written by Claudio Raponi and Paolo Gibellini basing on ezDICOM (Wolfgang Krug and Chris Rorden) sources. Later the code related to DICOM images and DICOMDIR files management was totally rewritten (Paolo Corsini Bachelor Degree Thesis) and user interface was modified in order to be fully customizable (Enrico Zenucchi Bachelor Degree Thesis).
After users feedback, the interface was restyled following IHE BIR recommendations, the application become multilingual, a navigation bar with series icon was added (Silvia Suardi Bachelor Degree Thesis).
This viewer is provided "as is": it doesn't aims to be a certified medical viewer, just a useful tool for DICOM images.
As an open source project, we invite you to contribute (if you want) to extend his functionality.
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